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Principal's Message

Welcome to Robert W. Zahara Public School. Our hope is that your child will find our school an exciting, challenging place where they have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they will need to have happy, productive lives. In order for this to happen, a cooperative effort is needed between students, parents, and staff to establish a positive and comfortable atmosphere that provides opportunities for continued growth. All of the school staff works to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for academic achievement and personal growth. Parents can support their child’s education by setting aside a few minutes each day to:

-  listen while your child describes school day activities

-  read to your child

-  listen while your child reads to you

-  help with homework

-  limit the viewing of television

Communication is one of the essential components of effective schools. I encourage everyone to share with me, any insights or questions that they may have about programs and procedures here at Robert W. Zahara Public School. Our mutual co-operation will be the foundation for student success. Let's make it a great year!